Hair Rules for Female Politicians: The Dos and Don’ts of Haircare

» Posted on Nov 30, 2021 in Hair Rules

Hair Rules for Female Politicians: The Dos and Don’ts of Haircare

Female politicians have a lot to worry about- their policies, their stances on issues, and how they will win over voters. But one thing that shouldn’t be a concern is their hair. So here are some hair rules for female politicians that will help keep their locks looking polished and professional.

Hair rules for women in politics: How to maintain a professional appearance

It’s no secret that women in politics are held to a higher standard when it comes to their appearance. However, to maintain a professional look, there are a few hair rules that all women should follow. Here are tips for keeping your hair looking its best while you’re on the campaign trail or in office.

There are a few key hair rules for women in politics. First and foremost, your hair should be neat and tidy at all times. This means no loose strands or flyaways. Second, keep your hair color conservative. Bright colors will draw attention away from your message and could make you look unprofessional. Finally, avoid any extreme hairstyles or haircuts. They may be fashionable, but they could also distract from what you’re saying. For example, a sharp bob might not be the best choice for a public speaking engagement. Instead, stick to simple styles that are easy to manage and won’t overshadow your words.

That said, there is some flexibility when it comes to hair rules for women in politics. If you have a signature style that you love and that makes you feel confident, go for it! Just be sure to keep the overall look neat and polished. And whatever you do, don’t let your hair get in the way of your message.

short hair

The reasons female politicians have short hair

In recent decades, the number of women in politics has grown exponentially. This is a good thing: more perspectives and voices at the table can only lead to better policy-making. However, one aspect of female political representation seems to be stuck in the past: hairstyles. Compared to their male counterparts, women politicians are far more likely to have short hair. And while there are certainly some notable exceptions, this trend is generally actual across different regions and political parties. So why do so many women choose to cut their hair short? There are likely many reasons, but those stand out from the crowd.

Female politicians now have short hair for a number of reasons:

  • To appear more professional and serious
  • To be taken seriously by their peers and constituents
  • To avoid being sexualized or objectified
  • To show they are not afraid to get their hands dirty
  • Because it’s easier to manage short hair than long hair
  • To fit in with the “masculine” image of politics.